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Electrostimulation or EMS (Electro Myo Muscle)

This is electro-muscular stimulation. a very effective and reliable method to improve physical performance.



    Electrostimulation, on the other hand, has a completely different principle: it is the machine that takes care of sending the electrical impulses between 50 and 150 Hertz so that the muscles contract automatically.


     As for the brain, it sends pulses of 65 Hertz maximum, which is why working with electrostimulation machines is much more intense and also makes it possible to tone the body much faster.


    Our studio is equipped with the German MIHA BODYTEC technology, number 1 in the manufacture of EMS drives.

MIHA BODYTEC represents reliable, innovative, safe and suitable products.


    Thanks to MIHA BODYTEC technology, muscles receive external stimulation through electrodes that act simultaneously on 8 muscle areas.

This allows work on the whole body without creating an impact on the joints.


    At BODYFIT EMS STUDIO, we contribute to your well-being by supporting you in your self-care journey.


Electrostimulation is an increasingly popular sport practice in the world of sport.


It allows to work all muscles, including the deepest muscles that are not solicited in other sports.


This technique makes it possible to tone your whole body gently and exponentially.


          Formerly reserved for high-level athletes, electrostimulation is now accessible to all thanks to BODYFIT.

            A qualified personal coach will follow you throughout your training and subscription.

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