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The training session is 25 minutes of exercise and includes:


  • 20 minutes of muscle preparation : your coach will ask you to perform simple fitness movements to accompany the muscle contraction.

  • 5 minutes of recovery with the benefit of reducing muscle stiffness, improving the epidermis and decreasing cellulite.


Possibility to do interval cardio.

Sessions are scheduled once a week with your personal trainer.

The 1st body assessment is offered by BODYFIT.


With BIODY XPERT, a certified medical professional tool, your personal trainer will communicate your physiological characteristics to accurately monitor the evolution of your physiological characteristics such as weight, muscles, fat mass and hydration.

In order to monitor the evolution of your physical condition, your personal trainer will propose you to carry out this body assessment on a regular basis, supplemented by a nutritional assessment to establish menus adapted to your specific needs.


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