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A 25 minute session is equal to
4 hours training in the gym

Slim down, Sculpt, Boost your body.


Increase your energy in just

25 minutes per week.

Come and try a free, no obligation session !

ELECTROESTIMULATION or EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services)

This is electro-muscular stimulation, a very effective and reliable method to improve physical performance.




Sessions are scheduled once a week with your personal trainer.

The first personalized assessment is offered. This will allow you to define your goals with BIODY XPERT, a certified medical professional tool, to accurately monitor the evolution of your physiological characteristics such as weight, muscles, fat mass and hydration. It also allows you to define a nutrition program tailored to your profile.



Electrostimulation is suitable for all people from 18 years old. Whether you are a man, a woman, youth or senior, whatever your sporting level, this activity is made for you.

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